A Driving Experience You Should Feel
Driving a Kia is a driving experience like no other. All our models are designed to give you great comfort for a relaxed driving experience on the road.
We work harder to give you a unique driving experience that’ll make you feel more in control, with plenty of head & leg room to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.
Enjoy the latest forward-thinking technology at your fingertips.

Engine Stop/Start button & Smart entry system

Start the engine with just one touch of the sporty start/stop button. The smart key unlocks the door the moment you touch the button on the handle so you never have to worry about searching for your keys.

Sav Nav Reversing Camera

Select reverse gear and get a full view of any obstacles to the rear of your car.

Speed Limiter Feature

Set the speed limit with built in controls so you’ll never exceed it, and avoid speeding penalties.

Music streaming via Bluetooth

Music streaming via Bluetooth. Wirelessly enjoy your favourite music in your car via Bluetooth technology.


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